Fascinating wood sculptures, hand-turned bowls and funky earring trees. Amazing nature-inspired mobiles upon request.  


"Blaze" Before and After

Set of bowls. Buy individually or as a set of 2,3 or 4. Large and small make a wonderful chip and dip combo.

Red Flame (Sold)


Large bowl (10.5" x 3") made from mahogany and pine.

Medium size bowl made with Beech and Mahogany.

"Eternal Flame" for a mantel or tabletop. (Sold)

"Sandhills Cranes" on a mahogany base. (sold)

"Kokopelli,", the flute player.

"Soaring Fish" on a mahogany base.

"Kiwi" on a mahogany base. (sold)

Small cherry bowl.

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